October 2018

How “Giving Back” Helps Your Business

It seems like yesterday when we were students in high school listening to a career day speaker during a morning breakout session. Fast forward 8 years later and we are now presenting in front of a class of 30 students about a dream that all started in the same seats they sit in today…

(Photos by Jess Choragwicki)

Let’s go back in time a little bit...

In 2009, John graduated from Andrew High School in Tinley Park. I followed shortly after and graduated in 2012. A couple years after graduation, the high school heard about what we have been building and reached out to us to see if we may be interested in volunteering our time to present at Career Day. Feeling nostalgic, we decided it would be nice to give back to our high school. After all this is where it all began for us…

Career Day - “Giving Back”

Since 2016, we have been returning to Andrew’s Career Day. During the breakout session, we allow opportunities for students to ask questions, seek advice, and learn more about the video production industry. We also explain the story of how JV Studios got started and everything we have learned along the way in our business.

“It is such a rewarding feeling to give back to these students! I remember sitting in those exact seats as them just thinking about what I wanted to do, but never felt I had someone willing to give me any direction. When I stand in the front of the class, I try to serve as an open book, answering any questions they have with transparency and honesty” - Vince

The Commercial - “Getting Back”

Volunteering can be very beneficial to your business. It allows you to give back to your community and make a difference in the world, while also networking and sharing your craft with others. After 3 years of volunteering our time at Career Day, we received an email from one of our old guidance counselors who received our business card back in 2016…

Subject Line: ”JV Studios Commercial for Andrew High School”

Since March, we have been working closely with the school, capturing video content for a project they have for incoming high school students. The video aims to help promote the involvement of students in a wide array of elective classes as well as extra curricular activities. The project is still in production as we have a few more shooting dates to go later this year moving into 2019. Stay tuned for the final video!

“It’s a great feeling when you move from being the student to a peer with a faculty member. Noticing how the relationship evolves to me is the best part. One of the main things I’ve noticed is although they once saw us as students, they now respect us as professionals”. - John

It is important to maintain relationships with your peers and to remember your roots. You never know what will come from it. We are excited to continue our alumni relationship with Andrew High School and plan to be in attendance every year for career day!

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