July 2018

6 Tips for hiring the right video production company for your next project

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Congrats! You are the new marketing associate for your company. Chances are at some point in your career your boss is going to turn to you and say, “We need a new video.” Did you know 87% of online marketers use video content? So, you begin the hunt and quickly become overwhelmed at how many “video production” companies there are to choose from. You have never made a video in your life and have no idea where to start…

Don’t be afraid. JV Studios is here to help guide you in the right direction. See our recommendations below and consider our advice when hiring the right video production company for your next project.

1) The Demo Reel

Every video production company should have some type of reel in their video vault to show new potential clients. A “demo reel” or also commonly referred to as a “sizzle reel,” is typically a short video representation of all the work produced by the production company. The goal of a reel is to give the viewer a sense of the type of work they produce, the production quality, and to see their overall esthetic and style.

Although the demo reel will always be a glimpse into a company, there is a lot more to consider before choosing. It is important to look deeper into the company's body of work. A demo reel highlights the best 2-4 second shot they captured from one specific project without showing the final product all the time...

JV’s Advice

• Ask them to see the full length video(s).

• Ask if the project was a success to the client.

• Look to see if the demo reel is current or from a few years ago. Chances are, if the reel is from a few years ago, they may not be actively producing content and are showcasing old work to appear current. Not true for all companies, but definitely a small caution to consider.

• Ask them to send you their most recent work. Something shot a few years ago may not be the same as now...

2) Be as specific as you can

A mistake clients tend to make is contacting a company with very little details for the project. Have a clear vision for your project. This will help the production company give you the most accurate estimate of what a project may cost and will also be able a good indication if they are the right fit for your project. Be as specific as you can.

JV’s Advice

• Figure out the scope of the work. Are you looking for a full service video company or just someone to shoot and/or just edit the project?

• Do you have a specific budget and/or range in mind?

• Have you ever created a video like this before?

• What is the deadline for project?

• Provide reference examples of what you are trying to create, if possible.

3) Does their style align with your brand?

A lot of companies have the ability to shoot a wide array of videos. From commercials, to event recaps, documentaries, music videos etc., it is important to analyze the companies work to see if they specialize in something. Do they excel in specific types of videos? Are they known for a certain type of work?

JV’s Advice

• Scroll through their website. Notice the types of work they advertise and what they are most proud of.

• Does the style of their work align with your company's esthetic and brand?

• Have they ever produced something similar to what you are looking for?

• Ask yourself, why is this company the right fit for my project?

4) Do some research

This is a crucial piece to the puzzle. If you plan on spending a good amount of money with a company you never worked with, its best to take your time and do some research. Don’t be afraid to ask the production company questions.This only helps both sides of the process. The more you know, the more comfortable your choice will be to make.

Most companies will have some sort of contact form on their page that you can fill out. Be sure to fill it out to the best of your ability. Try not to leave fields blank and see how quick they respond back to you. See our form as an example. We are waiting for you!

JV’s Advice

• Ask questions and as many as you want. Fill out forms on the website.

• Cold call. If there is a contact number available, give them a call and see how they approach it. Do they sound like a legitimate company?

• Read reviews and testimonies about the company. Ask around.

• The industry is very competitive. Getting quotes from other companies may take some time, but is valuable to know if you are being charged an appropriate amount.

5) Fast vs. Good vs. Cheap

There is a big misconception in the industry: going the cheap route is always better. Yes, it saves you money, but does it effectively work for your project and how can it negatively affect your company's image? Consider the importance of quality over quantity.

A lot of companies will go out of their way to find the cheapest solution for the project. We would caution against this. Going the cheapest route can mean having to reshoot the same work down the road. Understand they are cheap for a reason. Understand they are expensive for a reason. After all, you get what you pay for.

At JV Studios, transparency is important to us. We try to provide the most accurate rates for our clients, while keeping this model in mind: (see chart below)

JV’s Advice

• It you want it fast and cheap, it won’t be good. If you want it cheap and good, it won’t be fast. If you want it fast and good, it won’t be cheap. Please choose 2.

good fast cheap diagram

“People will always forget how fast you did a job, but will always remember how well you did it.”

-Howard Newton

6) The famous question: What is your budget?

This is by far the most common question you may be asked by a production company. Most forms you come across on a website will ask, “What is your budget?” Fear no more.

Some companies may be able to give you a straight answer if they are a good fit or not right from the start. It is not always something you need to exactly know when inquiring about a project, however you should have some type of budget range. A budget for a luxury car commercial is going to be drastically different than an event recap video.

On the other hand, the video production company may not be interested in working on specific projects. Expect them to do some research on you and be ready for them to have some questions to ask you.

JV’s Advice

• A budget range always helps if you don’t have a specific amount.
(ex: 5k-10k, 10k-20k, 20k-40k)

• The more transparent with a budget the more time you will save on both sides of the process.

In Summary

Although there are so many alternative ways, we hope our 6 tips will help guide you in choosing the right video production company for your next project. It is important to work with the right team that will better serve your business as well as theirs. Not every production company will be the right fit and there are times you may just need to keep looking to find the right crew that aligns with your company's values.

Good luck. You got this!


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