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February 2020

Martha Stewart + California Closets

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Every Detail Designed In Collaboration With Martha Stewart

The Project

Back in October of 2019, California Closets, a global chain dedicated to custom storage solutions for the home, reached out to us in need of a local production company to help with a marketing video for a new product launching in 2020. The new product was in collaboration with American retail business woman, writer, and television personality Martha Stewart.

The purpose of the video was to showcase the new product to any potential buyer, as well as introduce how to setup and build it yourself. After all, California Closets are known for supplying high-end luxury products with simple assembly for an easy, do-it-yourself project.

The Setup

The shoot took place over the course of two full days. We had a 10 person crew consisting of an executive producer, associate producer, director, creative director, art director, two camera operators, two production assistants, and our main talent.

Since we were working in a confined area, we adjusted our process to accommodate the space. Our plan was to create a set that felt like you were inside the bedroom of your own house. We had the walls painted all white and used the corner of the two walls to give us some dimension and depth to our image.

Once the set was established, we worked closely with Amanda Wolfson, a Chicago based art director, who really brought our two white walls to life! After we created our look, we began to light the scene using two Arri L7-C’s, two 4-bank Kino-Flo’s, and three Quasar crossfade lights. We filmed the entire video using two Sony a7S II camera packages with a few Canon EF series lenses ranging from 24-70mm, 18-35mm, 100mm, & 70-200mm.

Check out some of our behind-the-scenes photos:

The Results

After four months in post-production, the product was launched and the video was featured on California Closets home page, as well as Martha Stewart’s personal and social accounts.

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