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March 2020

Staying Creative Amidst “Sheltering in Place”

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Video Creatives...let’s be real. A lot of our production jobs have either been postponed or cancelled for the time being and we are left with a lot of time on our hands. As COVID-19 begins to impact our day-to-day routines, it is important to not let it slow your creativity too.

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, JV Studios is here to help inspire you. There are many ways we can take advantage of the down time and turn it into a creative incubator. Check out some of the ways we are staying proactive and using our time efficiently during the self-quarantine period.

1. Work on a passion project

If you're like most videographers, chances are you have a lot of footage archived across numerous hard drives, waiting to be brought back to life and dropped into a timeline.

Take this time to put together a passion project or edit the video from that awesome vacation you took two years ago! Either way, passion projects can be a great source of inspiration. Experiment, try something new and remember these projects don’t need to be perfect.

2. Update your website

This is one of the things that we all know we have to do at some point, but tend to put off for quite some time. Open up your site, scan through the pages and see what can be tweaked. Do you have new work that isn't up yet? Can your copy use a little jazz? Can you improve the user experience?

If you don’t have a website, now can be a great time to explore the process. Squarespace and Wix are great tools to get you going!

3. Start / finish your demo reel

Similar to #1 above. Get going on your demo reel! Compile some of your favorite work over the years, score a neat track from sites like artlist.co or premiumbeat.com and get zoned in on the demo reel you have always wanted to get done. Make use of this time to study your work and see what you would like to improve on for next year.

4. Create a daily challenge for yourself

A daily challenge is a great way to keep you in a creative mindset! Think of something that would excite you to wake up and create. It can be a 5-day challenge or even a 30-day challenge.

Take our friends at Mac House Productions for example. They launched an Instagram challenge #createinplace to help inspire artists while we all shelter in place.

It doesn’t need to be perfect either and that's the best part! Our producer, John actually won their challenge and in return was awarded a year membership to Master Class! It’s not late to join in on the fun!

5. Extend your post-production services

Although many productions have been cancelled or postponed, we still have the ability to edit remotely! Take this time to reach out to any past clients and see if they need any help with post-production. From creating short 9-second ads to long-form promo videos, there are still ways to help out your clients while making a few bucks too!

6. Educate & expand your knowledge

Learning is limitless, knowledge is power, and the internet has all of your answers. If you need a break from binge watching Netflix or scrolling through Facebook, take the time to watch videos from your favorite industry professionals.

Stream content from the world's best from sites like Masterclass, CreativeLive and even Youtube. If you are a part of Adobe Creative Cloud, try downloading a new program you always wanted to learn and look up some tutorials to get you started. Download a free 7-day trial from Adobe.

7. Write up a commercial spec treatment

Have an idea for a cool commercial or creative video? Start putting your ideas on paper and write whatever comes to mind. There are no boundaries when it comes to a spec video so don’t put yourself in a box. Writing up a spec treatment can be a good way to keep your ideas fresh and fun!

Never written a treatment before? Checkout this article on how to write a better commercial treatment. When self-quarantine is over, find your crew and bring your idea to life!

8. Clean & organize your computer

Is your computer slowing down on you? Chances are you may have too much in the trash bin, old software, not enough RAM and, in most cases, too much cache. System maintenance tends to get overlooked and undervalued, but is very important to keep your machine up and running.

Take this time to clean out any junk stored in your computer. WizTree and OmniDiskSweeper are just some of the free software programs that help you identify the large unwanted files and folders using the most disk space on your hard drive.

Checkout this article from Angie’s List to help identify why your computer may be slowing down. Disclaimer: If you are unaware of what to delete, please do your research beforehand.

We’re hoping you can make the best out of this tough situation. From everyone at JV Studios, we wish that you and yours stay safe and healthy out there!

Until next time,

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